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Plastic and Color Masterbatch


Wanlong Chemical Co. produces five series of fluorescent pgiments for plastic coloration, an extremely complicated process.
1. FV series daylight fluorescent pigment is a spherical fluorescent resin colorant. It features vivid color, strong fluorescent effects, great particle size uniformity, good dispersity, high heat resistance, great solvent resistance, and excellent transfer resistance. It is very easy to use and is perfect for the dyeing of plastics due to its ability to prevent roll sticking.
2. AX series daylight fluorescent pigment is a fluorescent colorant coated in thermoplastic resin. This pigment product features vivid and long lasting color, strong fluorescence, high tinting strength, and good dispersity. The processing temperature for this series is less than or equal to 180 degrees Celsius. This pigment is particularly suitable for plastics that are extruded, injection molded, blow molded, and film blown in various color masterbatches. (PP, PE, PVC, etc.)
3. FT series daylight fluorescent pigment is a thermosetting fluorescent resin pigment. This product is noted for its vivid color, intense fluorescence, strong tinging strength, and excellent resistance to solvents, particularly common ketones, esters, and alcohols.


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