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Our story

In recent years we have grown into the professional fluorescent pigment

manufacturer in the world. In addition to our outstanding products, we

also offer professional technical support. Our products are designed to

make the world a more colorful and beautiful place. 



Starting in 1980, Wanlong was researching fluorescent pigments as

its fertilizer products were losing demand. The director of the

company decided to convert the original fertilizer plant into a

pigment production center in order to save hundreds of jobs. At the start

of the transition we had the capability of producing several types

of fluorescent pigments. From there we were able to create new liquid

and powder fluorescent pigments for customers in plastics, dyeing,

and printing industries.


By this point, Wanlong has become one of the leading producers of

fluorescent pigments in terms of technology and production output.

We continued to expand our product line from fluorescent pigments,

to fluorescent paints and inks. In addition to adding color into the

daily lives of our customers and theirs, our products also drew the

attention of military and aerospace applications.

Wanlong Chemical was initially established as a chemical fertilizer

manufacturer by the government during the planned economy age in

order to help resolve the food shortage in China.