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About us

Under all lighting conditions, fluorescent pigments shine brighter and more vividly than ordinary pigment types.

In the 1960's Wanlong Chemcial Co. launched a project to develop fluorescent pigments in a large scale manner. Through 30 years of continuous growth, the enterprise has become the

well-known professional fluorescent manufacturer. Here at Wanlong we love vibrant colors and we want to make the world a more beautiful place. Our pigment products are found in all

sorts of applications from plastics, rubbers, textiles, and even military projects.


AX Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

FN Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

FV Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

FT Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

HF Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

FB Series Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

Fluorescent Silk-Screen Printing Ink

Fluorescent Paint

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Be widely used in the applicatons of textile printing,garments

dyeing,pad dyeing,paper coatings etc.

Why fluorescent pigment

What is fluorescence?

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic

radiation. Often it is the case where the emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed

radiation. The fluorescent surface will absorb the wave of light and then release it in the form of a long

wavelength electromagnetic wave. This results in a brighter, visible and often more colorful light to the



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